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Detailed information on how the Speaking skill is assessed at Elementary level.


How Your Presentations will be Evaluated

[Pre-University - K2014] EAP PAST TOPICS

EAP Past Topics for reference purpose ONLY.

[Pre-University - K2014] EAP SCORING RUBRIC

EAP Paper Scoring Rubric (Format: 2 points, Mechanics: 8 points, Style: 20 points, Organization: 15 points, Reference: 10 points, Ideas: 45 points)

[Pre-University - K2014] EAP RESEARCH ESSAY PROMPT

EAP Research essay prompt Write an SPSE (situation-problem-solution-evaluation) paper on a problem/issue of concern relating to your study discipline OR career objectives OR global issue that has been in the news (locally, nationally or internationally) in the last 20 years. Your topic will need to be approved by your EAP adviser (ask your teacher) by 24/10/2014.

[Pre-University - K2014] ASSESSMENT CRITERIA

ALL Information About IELTS AND EAP Assessment Criteria for Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced Students