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In the context of environmental pollution caused by industrial waste and global warming, society is increasingly aware of the role of improving the operation of environmental protection and businesses are increasingly paying attention to work its CSR activities. And the “superhero” Environmental Engineer appeared to contribute to the mission and save the Earth!

Bring environmental protection mission, the “Super” Engineering Management and Environmental Technology holds “supernatural powers” of knowledge including:

• Manage the environment and natural resources, remote sensing and GIS applications

• Technology and water treatment wastes

To fulfill the mission, in university, they were trained to adjust human activities based on a systematic approach and skills coordinator environmental information schools – from quantitative perspective, and aims for sustainable development.

• Environmental Management: the urban environment, rural and industrial environments, …

• Management of natural resources: coastal environments, islands, forests and surface water resources, groundwater …

Students are required to master these measures: legislation, strategies, economic, technical – technological, cultural – social, education, public awareness … to protect the quality of the living environment and sustainable development. With its excellent language skills, they not only improve accessibility improvements, technical world, but also can work for international organizations.

The “Superhero” Environmental Engineer works in so many different places. Therefore, they can develop the environmental protection industry, saving our Earth, such as:

• Companies, large enterprises: Nike Vietnam, Clover Technologies Group, SEEN, …

• The non-governmental organizations and international inland: IUCN Vietnam, CARE Vietnam, WWF, ENDA, …

• Project Management Unit to improve the environment, waste management in industrial parks and export processing zones …

• The State management agencies, research institutions – training or university …