After conducting an internal assessment based on the internal quality standards for 05 English Programs and Advanced Program, the assessment delegation had a meeting to report the results on the morning of February 02nd in 2018.

Participants included:

– Rectorate Board: Associate Professor Dr. Tran Thien Phuc and Dr. Vu The Dung

– The assessment delegation

– Faculty Board and Head of Department of High Quality and Advanced Program

– Dr. Le Chi Thong – Head of Academic Affairs Office

– Dr. Dang Dang Tung – Deputy Head of Office of International Study Programs

– Representative of Office of Quality Assurance

– Representative of department of Academic Affairs – OISP

The agenda of the meeting was as follows:

– 8.30 – 8.35 am: Mr. Tung introduced the meeting program

– 8.35 – 9.45 am: Mr. Phung representing the assessment delegation presented the results following 07 standards in the evaluation scale (based on 03 levels: Conformity, Opportunity for Improvement and Non Conformity), analyzed strengths and opportunities for improvement of programs.

In addition, Mr. Phung also presented issues need to be adjusted after the pilot assessment:

  • Change the process: add a step of investigating self-assessment report
  • Adjust assessment scale
  • Update files of evidence
  • Strengthening training for units

– 9.45 – 11.00 am: The Rectorate Board and faculties discussed and commented on the content of the report, including key issues of Lecturer, teaching assistant, academic curriculum and facilities.

– 11.00 – 11.05 am: Mr. Dung made some comments to conclude the meeting.

Photo: Thay Phung was representing the results of the assessment


Photo: Professors, managers of English Quality and Advanced Program contributed comments

Other photos of the meeting:


The meeting ended at 11.30am on the same day./.

Photos: Thanh Trang, News: Thao Uyen