According to Plan No. 236/DHBK-DTQT of June 19th, 2018 of the Office for International Study Programs (OISP) on the internal quality assessment of Advanced Program and High Quality Programs according to Standard for quality assurance of formal educational programs at university level, Office of Quality Assurance, OISP and Faculties carry out official evaluation according to Quality Assurance Standard for Advanced Program and 13 High Quality Programs starting from September 2018.


In October 2018, the Office of Quality Assurance combined with OISP organized a training workshop to guide the internal assurance quality standards, including the following topics:
o Training 1: Introduction of Quality Assurance Standard;
o Training 2: Evaluating learners according to Student Outcomes;
o Training 3: Self-assessment of training program design;
o Training 4: Self-assessment of lecturers and facilities;
o Training 5: Write a self-assessment report and prepare evidence file.





In December 2018, the Audit Team was established and evaluated 02 High Quality Programs (Computer Science and Computer Engineering) in 4 days (from 25th to 28th December 2016). The audit team conducted the evaluation based on:
1. Self-assessment report;
2. Evidence;
3. Visiting facilities, laboratories;
4. Interview with stakeholders including: Science – Training Council, lecturers, class teachers, students, and Head of program.



High Quality programs are evaluated according to the following plan:

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