On 26th May 2020, the Office of International Study Programs (OISP) hosted the British Standards Institution (BSI) to conduct the ISO 9001:2015 Continuing Assessment.

The delegation had audit sessions with:

  • QA Management representative
  • Marketing Department
  • Academic Affairs Department
  • Administration Department – Human Resources
  • Administration Department – Facility Team

Here are some photos of the audit:

The result of the ISO 9001:2008 Continuing Assessment has Opportunities for Improvement as follows:

Area/ Process Opportunity for Improvement
Progress of Management
(all departments interact with customers)
Customers’ Satisfaction (internal and external):
A summary of customers’ satisfaction analysis, including internal customers, should be added. The root cause must be analyzed for avoid repetitive non-conformity.
Planning Progress
(Board of Directors)
Review Minute of Board of Directors:
Inputs and outputs required by the standards should be listed and reviewed for completeness and clarity.
Support Progress
(Facility Team)
The maintenance of machinery and equipment should be supplemented as required by the HC.QT-04 process, and the implementation results should be followed more fully.
Requirements for products and services
(Marketing Department)
Evaluation of new suppliers:
Complementing outputs/ outcomes for selecting new suppliers with an average of 10-15 points (purpose of use).

Assessment program ends at 16:30 on the same day./.