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The roots of Kanazawa University starts with Hikoso Vaccination Center which was established in 1862. In 1949, many institutions were integrated to form the Kanazawa University. Since then, it has been the leader of universities on the Sea of Japan.

The University has a background in education and research from the early years of its establishment. At Kanazawa University, students are offered with an environment for studying, working and human development.

There are 8 faculties in Kanazawa University, including: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Literature, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The staff consists of 2500 teachers and employees, 300-400 of which are Professors, Associate Professors.

Levels of training: Undergraduate (Bachelor, Engineer); Postgraduate (Master’s, PhD.)


The University has 3 campuses: Kakuma Campus; Takaramachi Tsuruma Campus; Heiwamachi Campus.

At Kanazawa University, there are 3 University Libraries (Central Library, Natural Science and Technology Library, Medical Branch Library), a University Hospital, a Cancer Research Institute.


Basic living expenses in Japan:

Dorms: 100 USD/month

Eating in: 350-450 USD/month

Travel, other costs: 100 USD/month

⇒ Estimated Total Cost: 500-700USD/month

Currently, Kanazawa University has a partnership with Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Bach khoa) (Ho Chi Minh University of Technology) in providing Vietnamese students with opportunities to study Civil Engineering in the international environment at Kanazawa University, Japan.

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