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Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

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Nagaoka University of Technology (Japan)


Nagaoka University of technology, founded on 01/10/1976, is a public school with 1300 undergraduate students, post-graduate 1000 students and 220 faculty. Despite the compact size, the NUT position in Japanese University village can be compared with the “Empire” Academy College

This success lies in the Foundation of the NUT: the school was established over 30 years ago to a uniform system to the standards and the means by which a modern universities need. Apply the revolutionary perspective in relations between industry and Academy, accepted the principle of long-term training to expand the selection of students from technical colleges, NUT is a University at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

– History: founded October 1, 1976 with six basic majors.

– Training programs: undergraduate, master, doctorate, reseaching…..

– Infrastructure: meet all of the conditions of the facilities which a modern universities need.


– Electrical Science in NUT was established in 1976 with the school. Today, activities of faculty spanning from energy sector, electrical andelectronic components, optical electronics to information processing sectors –telecommunications.-Affiliation program with Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Bach khoa) (Ho Chi Minh University of Technology): program of electrical engineers-Electronics


Student activities: it has quite a lot of infrastructure to serve the needs of diverse sports: soccer field, baseball field, tennis court, multipurpose buildings, indoor swimming pool, gym and golf driving range.


-Basic living expenses in Japan:

• Dormitory: 60 USD/month

• Dining: 300 USD/month

⇒ Total cost estimate of 500-700 USD/month (Includes accommodation, transportation, etc.)


– The city of Nagaoka is in Niigata, Chubu region, Japan.

– City wide 840.88 km2, in the center of the province and has 280,480 inhabitants (before 1/8/2008), the second Eastern in the province after the capital city of Niigata.

– The city of Nagaoka, in the capital of Niigata, the people are blessed with the snow. The white snowflakes fall down the region in Central Western Japan had to give this place a good deal of pure water is abundant, is the source of the most delicious sake and rice country. The city is also known for the greatest Fireworks festivals in Japan, held in August every year.

– In addition to schools, the student can be helped by the Mutsumikai-volunteer helping pupils. The weekly activities to meet and help LHSon problems of living.

– For pupils in Japan there are many choices of accommodation like dormitories, rentals (can walk or travel on bike to school for about 5-10 minutes). For international students of Nagaoka is preferred in the dormitory of the College.

– Cost of eating out in Japan is very expensive. However, in the dormitory at the Nagaoka, there is canteen at a cost of pretty cheap for students of the school. At the same time, students can also Cook in Nagaoka.


• The student community and the student community programs:


• Japanese Club:


• International Contact: 1603-1 Kamitomioka, Nagaoka, Niigata 940-2188,JAPAN

Tel: + 81-258-46-6000

Email: ryugaku@jcom.nagaokaut.ac.jp

Website: http://www.nagaokaut.ac.jp