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UNIVERSITY of Illinois-Springfield (UIS) is one of three universities in State of Illinois in the Illinois universities system. Three cities include Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana-Champaign. Each school has individual strengths:

– UNIVERSITY of Illinois-Chicago is stronger on design, graphics,

– UNIVERSITY of Illinois-Urbana Champaign as strong on technology, technical

– UNIVERSITY of Illinois-Springfield on business management.

The city of Chicago for just over three hours of driving of distance, University of Illinois-Springfield offers a learning environment rich in wisdom, full of cooperation and friendliness to students, faculty and staff, at the same time create value for the communities in the region and internationally.

Springfield is also the capital of the State of Illinois and is the home of the 16th President of the United States of America, Mr. Abraham Lincoln. UIS College is accredited by the Organization of quality control. Only 5% of universities in America this standard.

Students who graduate from one of the three branches of the University of Illinois will receive specialized diplomas


In 1969, the school was founded by General Assemply of Illiois as the  State universities.

1/7/1969, became a branch of the UNIVERSITY Illinois, called Illinois in Springfield.

• Number of students: 4900, Students has graduated: 2000.

• Faculty: approximately 220 faculty members, the ratio on the students: 1: 12

• Location: southwest of Springfield, Illinois, near Lake Springfield. About 200 milessouthwest of Chicago and 100 from Northwest of St. Louis.

Size: 746 hectares


Academic Affairs

Enthusiastic teachers focus on flexible teaching methods, combined with practice.Provides a learning environment rich in wisdom, friendliness and cooperation for domestic and international students

Provides students with knowledge, skills and experience to prepare for the future.

UIS encourages and appreciates the effort of learning by many types of scholarships

UIS is not limited to teaching, learning, and scholarship in the school, but also extends out to the entire community.

UIS update the technology to continually improve the learning environment and expand the environment beyond the campus.


Training programs: 22 graduate programs, 20 master’s programs and 1 doctoral program.

Department: Business and Management, Education and Human Services, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Public Affairs and Administration


• Affiliation programs with Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Bach khoa) (Ho Chi Minh University of Technology): Bachelor of Business Administration

– Student Activities: soccer, volleyball, basketball, Tennis.

UIS has the well-equipped Stadium in the Middle East.

• Office of student life is responsible for helping students to integrate, contribute, and benefit from the community. Student life initiatives activities to help increase students ‘ experience and developing a learning environmentrich in knowledge, collaboration and creativity.

• Meet the downloads of the community of international students at UIS

• The English Table: sponsored by the ESL program, is an opportunity to relax and chat between people from different cultures and different languages

• Springfest: is one of the fun and exciting week for UIS. The Group of students create fun activities by topic and competed with each other to win the Championship with the Springfest prizes to the winners.

• Late night stars: held under the theme of an event.


Springfield is the capital of the State of Illinois and the county seat of Sangamon County. According to the 2000 survey of the United States, the city had 111,454 people. Springfield is home to the art form, such as ballet, jazz and the annual beam bells festival . The other attraction is the historical contact with Lincoln.

The city lies on a large artificial lake, owned by a public utility company, provide drinking water and recreational place for city residents. The weather in the city is typical of the area in the middle latitudes, with summer and winter. The weather in spring and summer like the mid-western cities.

Springfield has 8 private schools and the public. Springfield’s economy is mainly based on jobs in the public offices, accounting for a large percentage of the city’s workers.

The University of Illinois at Springfield’s support for international students with diverse accommodation services such as below




750 USD/month

Shared rentals

375 USD/month


875 USD/month

Estimated total cost

800 – 1000 USD/month



• Apartments and Townhouses: apartments in the campus, may rent alone or sharing, fully equipped.

• Lincoln Residence Hall Dormitory for honored student

• Segerstrom Hall: Dormitory within the campus, fully equipped

• Off-campus housing: supported by House-office of the school. The closest place within 2 miles

• The services included: electricity, internet, telephone, laundry, airport bus betweenthe zones.


• The University has 2 canteens and 2 cafés right on campus

• Students could order monthly to save costs

• Cost: $ 1000-$ 1400/semester


The international student association in Illinois: support for students from other countries to quickly integrate into the student community, and UIS activities in cultural exchange www.uis.edu/internationalstudentservices/about/associations.html

– Vietnam Student Association in the US (Vietnam Education Foundation FellowsAssociation): www.veffa.org

– International Contact: HRB Building, Room 52, UIS

Tel: (217) 206-8319/8318/8356 Fax: (217) 206-6679

Email: intprog@uis.edu