Aerospace Engineering


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace)
  • Duration: 4 years
  • No. of credits: 128 credits
  • Medium of instruction: English
  • Tuition fee: 80-100 million vnd/year(*)
    (*for studying 4 years in Vietnam)


Aerospace Engineering encompasses maths, science, and technology to the design, development, and maintenance of technical elements for flying vehicles, including the areas of aircraft engines, aeronautical equipment, aviation radios, and aviation weapons. 



Graduates can undertake jobs in a wide range of positions such as:

  • Flight planning, air traffic control, aircraft testing, aircraft parts manufacturing.
  • Managing and operating aircraft maintenance activities.
  • Designing small aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), dual-use vehicles, drones, etc.
  • Consulting and designing mechanical, energy systems and production processes.

Companies and corporations often recruit Aerospace Engineers at HCMUT are:

  • Companies managing, operating, and maintaining aviation: Vietnam Airlines Corporation, Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Helicopter Corporation, etc.
  • Companies and corporations researching, designing, and manufacturing international aircraft: Boeing (USA), Airbus (Netherlands), Safran (France), etc.
  • Businesses in many related fields (mechanical, petroleum, energy, electricity – electronics, computer engineering): Schlumberger, IBM (USA), Transocean (Switzerland), Petrolimex, Labsoft, Phu My Thermal Power Plant (Vietnam).


Students have 2 options:
Option 1:
Students study at HCMUT for 4 years and get a Bachelor of Computer Science awarded by HCMUT.
Option 2:
After completing 02 years at HCMUT, students with financial and academic eligibility may transfer to our following oversea partner universities in Australia for the later 02 years to complete their study for Bachelor’s degree:
The official bachelor’s degree is awarded by the partner university.
The advantage of this option is that the student can save about 50% on total fees (tuition fee and living expenses) compared to studying for full 4 years in Australia or USA to get a Bachelor’s Degree awarded by the partner university.


Study language: English
Degree: Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering awarded by HCMUT.
Training duration: 04 years at HCMUT, Vietnam.
Campus: Please visit our campus for more information about the HCMUT campus.
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