computer science


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)
  • Duration: 4 years
  • No. of credits: 120 credits
  • Medium of instruction: English
  • Tuition fee: approx. 80-100 million vnd(*)
    (*for studying 4 years in Vietnam)


*Program accredited by ABET

Computer Science educate students in the theory and application of computer technology. 

Graduate with the most fundamental and essential knowledge from logical designing, analyzing to micro-processors and embedded devices.



After graduating with the Computer Science from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), engineers can take a lot of work in the fields of Computer and Information Technology as:

  • Software designing and software constructing for banks, financial, administrative, and commercial organizations, etc.
  • Application designing and application construction for mobile devices, E-Commerce applications, games on computer and mobile devices, etc.
  • Managing and building security solutions for computer systems and computer networks.
  • Working for software outsourcing companies in the USA, Japan, and Europe markets.


Students have 2 options:

Option 1:

Students study at HCMUT for 4 years and get a Bachelor of Computer Science awarded by HCMUT.

Option 2:

After completing 02 years at HCMUT, students with financial and academic eligibility may transfer to our following oversea partner universities in Australia in the later 02 years to complete their study for Bachelor’s degree:

The official Bachelor’s degree is awarded by the partner university.

The advantage of this option is that the student can save about 50% on the total fees (tuition fee and living expenses) compared to studying for full 4 years in Australia to get a Bachelor’s degree awarded by the partner university.


    • Study language: English
    • Training duration: 04 years at HCMUT, Vietnam.
    • Campus: For more information about the HCMUT campus, please visit our campus.
    • The referential curriculum is displayed below. Visit here for detailed & latest updates.
  • Year 1 Calculus
    Digital Systems
    Discrete Structures
    Discrete Structures for Computing
    General Chemistry
    General Physics
    Introduction to Computing
    Linear Algebra
    Physical Training
    Programming Fundamentals
    Physics Experiments
    Soft Skills
    Social Skills
    Year 2 Computer Architecture
    Data Structures and Algorithms
    Database Systems
    General Education Electives
    Mathematical Modeling
    Numerical Methods
    Object-Oriented Programming
    Operating Systems
    Physical Training
    Probability and Statistics
    Professional Skills for Engineers
    Vietnamese Culture & Language
    Year 3 Algorithms design and analysis
    Computer Networks
    Computer Science Elective 1
    Computer Science Elective 2
    Industrial Attachment
    Practice on software engineering
    Principles of Programming Languages
    Social Education Electives
    Software Engineering
    Vietnamese Culture & Language
    Year 4 Computer Science 1
    Computer Science 2
    Computer Science 3
    Computer Science 4
    Thesis Proposal


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