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What We Do

Academic Experience

Attending classes at HCMUT to enrich academic experience in Vietnam:

Vietnamese language classes

Seminar on contemporary issues: green energy, smart city, global warming, global citizen, cultural diversity, etc.

Classes in business or engineering topics

Field trips to enterprises

and more

Cultural Experience

Discover the cultural features of Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City through various activities:

Sight-seeing around the city

Enjoying the best of Vietnamese cuisine
Sensing the artistic and historical sites & establishments, i.e., Independence Place, Ao Dai Museum, Ho Chi Minh Museum…

Watching cultural shows, i.e., Water puppet show, A O Show, My village, Teh Dar, Palao…

and more

Physical Activities

Engaging in physical activities to expand your relation network and enjoyable experience:

Green campus tour and funny games at HCMUT

Vietnamese traditional games, sport game

Crafting kites, leaf conical hats…

and more

Community Awareness

Taking part in voluntary activities to share your energy and efforts to support the community:

Visiting orphanages, charity centers

Joining voluntary campaigns at HCMUT, i.e., Green Summer Campaign, Spring Volunteer Campaign…

and more

14 days in Vietnam

Joining our 14-day cultural exchange programs, you will have opportunities to attend a wide range of cultural and academic activities, which are expected to be joyful and unforgettable.

xin chao

Fit your needs

Fixed package

Available for a group of 5+ students

Typical activities are pre-designed

Chances to make friends with participants from different universities and countries

Customized package

Available for a group of 20+ students

Suitable for students from the same institution/ university

Activities can be customized to participants’/ university’s request


“This is the first time I have learned Vietnamese. There's no annotation in the Korean language, but the Vietnamese language has it. Thus, I feel it is quite difficult but interesting to learn!”

Han Hee Jin

“I see that their English are very good, and they are all very friendly, which surprises us so much. If I have a chance to come back to Vietnam, I really would love to hang out with them!”

Lee Donghyun

"I am excited about this cultural program because I can share and feel our country's culture. Vietnamese culture is very perfect."

Park Taeyeon


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Approx. 20 million VND/person (around 830 USD/person)

*Fees may vary depending on detailed schedules & participant quantity

For a group of 20 participants, including Mon-Fri breakfast & lunch meals, accommodation, tuition fees, transportation…, excluding air tickets, insurance, and personal expenses.


Group of 5+ students for the fixed package;
Group of 20+ students for the customized package

Students are 18+ years old

Good health condition

Good English proficiency


Application form of each applicant

Letter of nomination from your home university

Copy of your passport

Portrait photo (size 4x6cm, white background)

Application Process

Applicant prepares listed required documents

Applicant submits the documents to your home university

Applicants’ home university sends the documents to HCMUT via oisp@hcmut.edu.vn

HCMUT informs application results. If HCMUT approves, the process continues, else, it ends at this step.

HCMUT provides student support services

(read more here)

Participants apply for a visa to Vietnam individually

Virtually discover parts of Ho Chi Minh City 

Scan for a 360-degree small tour around Ho Chi Minh City



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