The versatile OISP-ER “artists” have emerged at the OISP Gala 2023

The most outstanding students of HCMUT’s international study programs were recently honored at the prestigious OISP Gala 2023 after a year of dedicated studying and training.

The OISP Gala[1] took place at B4 Building at the end of March 2024. The theme of this year’s program, “Broad-way,” evokes associations with Broadway – the most prestigious stage in the world of performing arts. This reflects the spirit of respect and open-mindedness of the students of HCMUT’s international study programs towards talents in various fields, not limited to academic pursuits. 

The list of awards is extensive and aims to honor all individuals and groups who excelled during the 2022-2023 academic year, such as Talented Students, Outstanding International Students, Student with 5 Good Criteria at all levels, Outstanding Students in Youth Union and Union of Students’ activities, Best Clubs, and Best Student Activities , etc.

Outstanding students who were entitled Student with 5 Good Criteria at the level of VNU-HCM (Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City).

The recipients of the title Student with 5 Good Criteria at the level of HCMUT

Two Filipino students, Garcienz Villano Hannah (center) and Perez Vergara Mikaelah Gianina (far right), who were honored Outstanding International Students of the year 2023.

Pham Nguyen Dan Truong – Intake 2021 – student of English-taught Programs, Logistics and Supply Chain Management – was awarded the title of Talented Student this year. He expressed, “The support and encouragement from my family, teachers, and friends have helped me overcome many challenges to achieve the success I have today. This title is a personal honor and provides additional motivation for me to strive even harder, while also serving as a wonderful testament to my efforts throughout the past academic year.”

He also left a strong mark on the “golden board” of the program with his outstanding achievements as an exemplary Student with 5 Good Criteria at central level.

Together with that, OISP Gala 2023 especially witnessed the resounding success of the Bach khoa OISP Music Bank (B.O.M.B) with the simultaneous awards for the Best Club and the Best Student Activities, with the B.O.M.B Showcase 2023: WHAT HAVEN’T BEEN SPOKEN?

“I would like to sincerely thank the Organizing Committee and the Office for International Study Programs (OISP) for recognizing the contributions of B.O.M.B during the past academic year. To achieve today’s success, B.O.M.B must express gratitude to Mr. Doan Nguyen Gia Bao ( Intake 2020 – student of English-taught Programs, Food Technology) and Mr. Le Hong Quan (Intake 2020 – student of English-taught Programs, Aerospace Engineering), the previous term’s leaders, and all members who have dedicated themselves to our activities.

The award is both a motivation and pressure, urging B.O.M.B to constantly innovate and improve in each activity, thereby spreading positive values to the students of HCMUT’s international study programs in particular, and to all students in the city in general,” shared Dinh Minh Tri – current President of the B.O.M.B Club, a student of the Intake 2021 in the English-taught Programs, Computer Engineering.

With the slogan “A broad-way to go”, the OISP Gala 2023 is expected to provide additional motivation for outstanding individuals to confidently stride on the avenue of opportunities, thereby igniting passion and nurturing a spirit of continuous self-improvement.

The students of HCMUT’s international study programs excitedly checked in at the OISP Gala 2023

Attendees had the opportunity to interact and connect with outstanding students of HCMUT’s international study programs, enjoy outstanding performances from the B.O.M.B Club, and indulge in delicious tea and pastries in the warm and intimate atmosphere of B4 Building.

[1] OISP Gala is an annual event organized by the Executive Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of OISP in collaboration with the Inter-Chapter of the Viet Nam Union of Students of OISP to recognize the remarkable achievements of outstanding outstanding students of HCMUT’s international study programs in academic research, extracurricular activities, and dynamic clubs and teams’ activities throughout the year.