Meet the three scholarship hunters majoring in Civil Engineering

A team of three students from Intake 2020, studying Civil Engineering in English-taught program, showed a proud reputation in consecutive semesters.

Impressive achievements of the trio in the first two years of study at the university:
• Sweeping HCMUT Encouragement Scholarships, and OISP Scholarships consecutively from the first year to the present totaling up to hundreds of million VND 
• Winning the BKCONS Scholarship awarded by the Bach khoa Alumni (BKA) with a worth up to 20 million VND
• And participating in other academic activities, scientific research…


Duong Quoc Anh chose HCMUT with a passion for engineering which requires carefulness, perfection, and determination. In addition, he honed his language skills very well to prepare for his dream of studying abroad.

Duong Quoc Anh ‘20 – a talented boy with his eagle on vacation

“In the first year, the Pre-University semester left the most impressive because it was the only time I could practice English and participate in extracurricular activities of clubs and students. To achieve my current academic achievement (GPA: 9.08/10.00, IELTS: 6.5/9.0), I am so lucky to be supported by a good team with abundant energy. Sometimes, when I don’t understand the lesson, the group is the most reliable place to help me figure out the solution and compensate for each other. Thanks to mutual assistance, my knowledge is consolidated through repeatedly listening and teaching carefully. Sometimes, when stress gets in the way of our studying, I often spend part of my time on sports and entertainment activities to recharge,” said Quoc Anh.


With good sociability and admirable academic achievement, Le Ngoc Thanh is the second name that appeared in the excellent trio of the HCMUT Encouragement Scholarship.

“Realizing that I am not suitable with sitting in one place and love exploring places motivates me to choose the Civil Engineering program,” Ngoc Thanh says. “The desire to manage construction projects in the future motivates me to pass the Civil Engineering program–the English-taught program (predecessor to the High-Quality program) of HCMUT.”

In addition, when choosing this English-taught program, Thanh aimed to enhance his specialized English skills, which are crucial and required by international corporations. On the Ly Thuong Kiet campus (District 10, HCMC), modern facilities and advanced machines are fully equipped to create the perfect study environment for HCMUT students. “I was so impressed with BKFC (Bach khoa Fan Club) by counseling carefully about the study program and admission requirements, so I can get the overview and make the right choice,” Thanh said. And he became a part of BKFC in his first year.

And how did Thanh get the super high scores (GPA: 9,03/10,00, IELTS: 6.5/9.0)? “Attending school fully is the first foundation to ensure the acquisition of knowledge from lecturers. It might be better if you proofread lessons before classes start and ask your professors for further references when necessary. You should even read reference books to better understand the nature of the problem. Moreover, teamwork is extremely important when studying at the university. To avoid the case that teamwork becomes “I-work”, your team needs to have clear rules, specific deadlines, and clearly defined roles for each member. Everything needs to be agreed upon from the beginning to avoid conflicts along the way. Therefore, those tasks need a leader to implement them from the beginning and ensure progress. So the leader is very important!”

“Besides that, I also try to experience as many activities and events as possible at HCMUT. Thus, I did not hesitate to register as a teaching assistant for the soft skills class of freshmen. I really appreciate the class CC16 very much for their cooperation and for giving me many good memories,” said Ngoc Thanh. “In addition to improving class management and leadership skills, leading the class through activities in OISP Camp and OISP Presentation Contest is also an opportunity for me to share more ‘survival’ tips at HCMUT, hehe. My class is fortunate to have both Vietnamese and foreign students who are extremely active and have various strengths that are worth studying. Although the two days of the OISP Camp were short, the Camp connected me with the freshman and we have been, closer and closer since then. Oh, and also, during the time before the camp, we even went to practice a musical performance together and finally won the first prize.”

Le Ngoc Thanh and class CC16 in OISP Camp


“When I was a secondary student, my dream was to be an engineer to design modern buildings in the future. Therefore, HCMUT is the first choice when filling out the national admission application form,” said Thang. “There are a variety of vital opportunities in the construction field nowadays, therefore, you need to focus on boosting your qualifications to get the best job.”

With impressive academic achievements (GPA: 8,7/10,00, IELTS: 6.5/9.0), Viet Thang accumulated a lot of skills to get a scholarship. He learned that “It is an effective way to manage and use the time to optimize your learning and training. Secondly, a beneficial step to improve your GPA is having a group of classmates – they show excellent support systems for listening to different perspectives on class projects, asking questions, and improving your understanding of the material. Finally, the most important thing is self-study skills. Not only the surface knowledge taught by lecturers but getting information by yourself is the best method to utilize it to your study advantage.”

“Through the personal experiences just mentioned above, I hope you can pursue the development potential and career opportunities of the wide Civil Engineering field. It is important that you know how to seize the opportunity to shape your strength,” said Thang.


Civil Engineering plays an important role in the socioeconomic development of the country through the construction, management, and operation of civil infrastructure systems, transportation, production, healthcare, education, etc. The work that construction engineers can undertake includes consulting, designing, organizing construction, managing, supervising, and taking over construction.

The Civil Engineering program, the English-taught program of HCMUT, is taught on a credit system and is entirely in English. Civil Engineering major of the English-taught program provides students with fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience. The curriculum is designed based on a credit system in which students can flexibly arrange their study plan. Also, students have the possibility to transfer credits to HCMUT’s partner universities in Australia if they meet the academic and financial requirements of the partners.

Candidates applying to English-taught programs at HCMUT must satisfy the requirements of English proficiency for admission and for studying the main course. For detailed requirements, please refer to Admission Requirement.

HCMUT offers a range of different scholarship programs for international students to help cover tuition fees. Students will also have chances to get scholarships from partner universities, international organizations, and local & international business companies. To learn more, visit the HCMUT scholarship.