5 great facts about Petroleum Engineering at HCMUT

With its Petroleum Engineering program being amongst top 51 – 100 best in the world, HCMUT offers the Petroleum Engineering program in complete English, with assurance in terms of educational quality, scientific research, and technology transfer. Students at HCMUT get early exposure to the industry, are offered opportunities to transfer to partner universities in Australia for their degrees, and all have promising career prospects.

Let’s look at 5 great facts about the Petroleum Engineering program at HCMUT!

Top 51-100 Petroleum Engineering programs in the world
The Petroleum Engineering Program at HCMUT (Vietnam National University – HCM) was ranked top 51 – 100 in the QS World University Ranking by Subject in 2023.

HCMUT is amongst the most prestigious institutions for engineering & technology training in Southern Viet Nam. Petroleum Engineers graduating from HCMUT are highly rated in terms of professional capabilities, accompanied by adequate skills for working in international, multicultural settings.

Internationally standardized program
HCMUT offers the Petroleum Engineering program in complete English, with assurance in terms of educational quality, scientific research, and technology transfer.

The Petroleum Engineering program at HCMUT is accredited by AUN-QA, which ensures the subjects are designed in accordance with international standards, comparable to leading universities in the region.

In addition, educators at HCMUT include well-trained Professors, Associate Professors, Doctors, and Masters, graduating from universities worldwide, with great teaching experience and scientific research achievements.

Students get early exposure to the industry
Students will be prepared for the petroleum industry and its related fields such as drilling, exploitation, petroleum production, reservoir engineering and transportation of oil, natural gas and petroleum economics, etc.

Lectures are continuously updated with many current issues, contributing to orienting students on the necessary knowledge and skills to face any changes in the oil and gas industry. Along with in-class instruction, lecturers will introduce students to businesses to get early exposure to the real-life industry; henceforth establish their own research directions and meet up with domestic and international professors.

Transfer opportunities to Australia
HCMUT has a number of partner institutions around the world to provide a variety of pathway programs that facilitate transfer arrangements. Students may transfer to our partner universities in Australia for the last 2 years to complete their degree and receive an official bachelor degree awarded by The University of Adelaide (ADL), Australia.

Promising career prospects for graduates
The Petroleum industry has always played a powerful role in shaping societies and is expected to continue to maintain its essence. While there have been some fluctuations in its job market, the continuous increase in the global demand for oil will give high job longevity for those who pursue this field of career.
Petroleum Engineering graduates typically gain employment in petroleum companies in Viet Nam and abroad. The program also opens up the possibility of employment in other industries, including environment and ecology (groundwater contamination), chemical engineering (oil processing and phase equilibria), and mechanical and civil engineering (rock properties).